Trudeau's New Structure Baking Collection - Make Pastries Like a Pro

If you have been hankering to be more like Dominique Ansel, Christina Tosi, Karlie Kloss and Dorie Greenspan, the amazing fourth-generation family-owned Trudeau company celebrating 125 years in business (Congratulations Trudeau!) has get you covered.

Baking is scientific, so you want to ensure you've got the right equipment. But who says they should be boring?

The new Structure collection from Trudeau lends a pop of colour to the kitchen (shades of fuchsia, mint, coral and grey, to be exact), while ensuring you've got quality tools in hand (extensive testing was done).

Here's a quick look at some of the amazing collection:

Sifting flour can feel like a chore, but not when you've got the Structure Flour Sifter in hand. The retro-cool mint finish is so much more fun than plain ol' stainless steel. And the three levels of mesh delivers a uniform result each and every time, making your cakes and cupcakes the best on the block. Your friends and neighbours will wonder what your secret is.

The Structure Pastry Mat is the first one I've ever had - and now I would say everyone who's going to bake should have one. The silicone mat offers easy-to-follow linear and circular guides in bright fuchsia and in imperial and metric measurements, so that you can make pies and pastries like a pro. The mat is reinforced with a fiberglass liner, so that's it durable and will stand up to all your pastry wheel cuts. The non-stick surface is easy to clean, which means you can get your pie in the oven that much faster.

One of the best tools in any kitchen is a spatula. Just watch the difference as you try and use a knife to get the last of the mayo of out the jar and then with a spatula. You'll never be able to live without one again. But don't get those boring ones that your grandma used to use. You want the Structure Baking Spatulas (available in 9" and 12") with the beechwood handle that's as smooth and soft and so comfortable to hold. It also happens to be non-stick and stain and odour resistant, not like those old scratchy, smelly wood ones. The fun silicone head comes in different colours and designs, giving a little extra oomph to your baking.

The new Structure Muffin Pan is the sturdiest silicone pan I've ever used. While still flexible, it offers great structure, thanks to integrated steel, and a non-stick surface, so your muffins release from the pan with ease. It's an absolute dream. You'll also notice how evenly everything cooks now. And go ahead and pop it in the microwave, dishwasher or freezer - it's good to go. And the grey and fuchsia combo? Ever so stylish. The pan is available in a 6 muffin pan and pie plate.

Whether you're a once-in-awhile baker or it's a part of your weekly routine, you'll want to bake a storm now that you've got Trudeau's Structure Collection. Smart, stylish and a pro in the kitchen. Hmm, sound like anyone you know?

Shop the new Structure collection from Trudeau now.

Stephanie Dickison

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