LovePop Cards - An Unexpected Delight Awaits You

Please don't tell me you're going to get your Mom one of those cartoon cards from the mall again this year. You know the ones - the same kind you've been getting her for decades.

It's time to take your cards up a notch and it doesn't get much more exquisite then LovePop Cards.

From the outside, they look like regularly laser cut greeting cards. That's special enough, don't you think? Hearts, roses, whales and hot-air balloons  pop in contrast on thick, coloured paper put together by hand, all pretty enough to frame or display on your desk.

But then you open the card, and bam! - a delicate 3D design unfurls before you:

Couple in Love reveals a happy couple in a romantic moment surrounded by hearts

- Snowflake card opens to a geometric pattern of intertwined blue and white snowflakes

- The "Love" card - and the original LovePop that started it all - reveals a 3D heart that would impress even the cardiac team of Grey's Anatomy

Young America reveals a full-on ship complete with bird in the sky on the left side of the card with the right side bearing a compass. Keep this on your nightstand and sail away every evening.

I am also smitten with the Cherry Blossoms Pink, Elephant Family, Fountain of Flowers Blue and my absolute favourite, Ferris Wheel (it's like having the summer fair come to you).

Just imagine how you can capture a moment, an experience, a favourite item or event, for someone with just this one card. No gift required.

Wombi and John make exquisite cards that will be the only cards you leave open for days, if not forever.

That makes it a card and a gift for all time, all in one. It doesn't get much better than that.

Shop LovePop now and make this Mother's Day one she'll remember forever.

Stephanie Dickison

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