Swiss Line Force Vitale - People Will Tell You How Young You Look

If you want to know how well Swiss Line Force Vitale skincare has reversed the clock, here's the proof:

I was interviewing an iconic restauranteur who has opened some of the city's most talked about bars and restaurants since the 70s. He mentioned some places from the 90s. I kept nodding, saying yes, yes, I remember. Finally after about the third one, he said, "There's no way you're old enough." When I told him my ahem, real age, he said, "Well you must go to bed at 8pm every night with a sleep mask because you look a decade younger." He quickly added, "That's not a compliment, it's a simple fact."

And thanks to Swiss Line Force Vitale, I have to agree. I usually switch out my skincare regimen every couple of weeks because I have so many to test and review, but I can't stop using Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 and Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 by Swissline. It has been so rejuvenating and skin plumping that I am using it until it runs out. After all, at dinner a few nights ago my dinner companion said I looked like I could be in my twenties. Why in the world would you want that to end? Sigh.

I love the deep hydration Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 delivers And it's not just upon application - oh no. This kind of intensive noursishment keeps going throughout the day. Using 24 different nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants (including rice and pomegranate extracts), your skin is immeditaely nourished and oh-so-soft.

And the non-greasy Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 disappears into your skin, acting quickly to boost hydration and radiance. Buh-bye dull, dry skin and hello younger self!

Swiss Line has been a brand that I've stood behind ever since I first tried it years ago (in 2009 and again in 2011). And Force Vitale is by far one of the top lines I've ever used. My skin has never been exposed to -20 degree weather and so consistently until this winter, and yet while my hands chap, my face is plump and glowing. My skin looks so good in fact that I could go out without a stitch of makeup on if I wanted to.

You don't need a facelift or a tuck to look younger. All you need is Swiss Line Force Vitale.

Stephanie Dickison

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