Matador Pocket Blanket - Stop Anywhere & Take it All In

I am not an outdoorsy person. I like to walk and be outside sure, but I'm not a hiker, I don't like camping or even glamping,  and I want to pee only indoors, thankyouverymuch.

So last summer when I took my Mom for a picnic, all I had to use for a blanket was a bed sheet. There we were in the middle of this massive park and people had their beautiful beach blankets and tartan wools and we used my Nicole Miller sheet.

Part of the reason for this is my predilection for tables and chairs and not a lawn for dining on, but also because I've never wanted to lug around a big blanket with me, for such occasions.

And then I discovered Matador Pocket Blankets and now I can't wait for picnic season (just a few more weeks!)! It's the perfect urban solution for getting outside in comfort.

With a generous 55in X 44in, it's large enough for two or more, it's water repellent, puncture resistant and so compact, it's smaller and lighter than my wallet.

Made from HyprLyte Nylon, this high tech fabric is tough, but extremely light. And easy to clean.

It's so intelligently designed that it comes with weighted corners so no matter what way the wind blows, your blanket will stay put. After your visit to the park/beach/festival/concert, folding it up is even easy thanks to the easy-pack follow-the-dotted-lines pattern. It even folds up into a little pouch so you can stash it at the bottom of your bag or in the glove compartment or wherever, and it takes up less room than your phone.

I think I might just become an outdoors person after all, thanks to Matador.

Shop Matador Pocket & Mini Blankets now. Then see you at the beach/park/concert/etc.!

Stephanie Dickison

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