Goodwear Goodnite Shirt - Slip into Something Way More Comfortable.

There are two ways to sleep comfortably - naked and in a Goodwear Goodnite shirt.

Imagine being swathed in thin, yet puppy-dog-ear-soft cotton that moves with you (no more getting tangled and twisted in pjs or nighties) and breathes so you never sweat (leave the sweating for your other bedroom activity). Being comprised of 70% bamboo from viscose, 30% combed ring-spun cotton, it's lightweight, yet surprisingly warm.

In fact, the Goodnite shirt is so unbelievably comfy, you might just put it on long before you go to bed. It might just become your get-out-of-work-clothes end-of-the-day relief that only things like a good bottle of wine, or a new season of Broadchurch on Netflix can deliver.

They come in a 6 colours and sizes so you can truly get something that is "you." Mine naturally, is black (because it always look fab and goes with everything). The scoop neckline and knee length are flattering, so you don't feel like you're simply wearing an oversize tee to bed (so sloppy).

Go ahead and  wash and dry it (cold water, tumble low). You don't have to be supremely careful with it like négligées and other lacey bedroom wear. Really who has time to handwash anything nowadays?

It's made in the US and made to last. And comes with a cute little bag that makes it easy to stow for travel.

The only problem? You'll wish all your clothes felt this good.

Stephanie Dickison

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