Deborah Lippmann LE Sexy Back Set - You Can Never Be Too Matchy

If the runways have taught us anything these last few years, it's that looking polished is a good thing and that you never be too matchy. In fact, these days it's all the rage.

Which is why you'll be besotted with the Deborah Lippmann Limited Edition Sexy Back Set of matching polish and lipstick.

The powerful fuchsia is energetic and slick without being distracting. In fact, the shade seems to make your hands look smaller and your lips more plump.  It's alluring while remaining completely suitable for everything from the boardroom all the way to the bedroom.

This duet is the perfect pairing to bring that LBD that you have almost worn out up a notch and to pull together everything from your navy and grey power suits for work, and your weekend staples of jeans and tees.

It's amazing how this simple beauty move will completely transform how sophisticated and powerful you look and feel. You'll be a warrior, a gladiator, a force to be reckoned with.

And because they are Deobrah Lippmann products, the crèmes go on silky smooth, delivering rich, even colour. And stay put, so you can get on with your presentation or  enjoy late night drinks and look like a million bucks without retouching a thing.

I have dry lips and being a food editor, I eat and drink constantly throughout the day, so my lipstick goes through a lot. This is one of the few that stood up to a day filled with pork bone ramen, bone marrow pizza, a spirits testing and Korean fried chicken
And thanks to a particularly brutal packed week, I applied the polish without a stitch of base coat or top coat, knowing  that I'd pay for skipping such vital steps. In fact, Sexy Back did me proud and stayed super shiny and chip free for almost a full week.
While you can absolutely rock the  Deborah Lippmann Limited Edition Sexy Back Set products on their own, I recommend wearing them as a duo as much as possible. There's power in numbers and SexyBack is too stunning to be used alone.

Stephanie Dickison

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