Nail Polish SoakBox - Carefully Curated Colours by Designers

If you want a pop of amazing colour that goes on (and comes off) like a dream and lasts and lasts, all you need is Nail Polish SoakBoxes.

I first fell for Soak when their Soak Wash changed my life, so it's absolutely no surprise that their nail polishes rock my world too!

Nail Polish SoakBoxes are made with premium nail colours, selected to perfectly match your hands to your handcrafted project. Designers select the colours, so you get a carefully curated, limited-editon, stunning array of lacquers to try.

I tried both the Sandi Henderson and Fig Tree & Co. Nail Polish Sets (4 polishes in each box) and simply can't choose a favourite because they are both unbelievable.

I wore Sandi's Huckleberry, a neon pink just last week for a shock of colour after months of donning darks and black nails. The first thing a work colleague noticed about my carefully put together outfit (including banging new jewellery, I might add) were my pink nails. She squealed at how pretty they were. Isn't that exactly the reaction you wish your nails would get? With Soak, it's not just a possibility, it's reality

The other notable factor is that I rocked that polish for 8 days without a base or top coat (gasp!) and there was nary a chip despite -20 degree weather, doing dishes, laundry and cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Also of note, the beautiful printed boxes  they come in (Think Cath Kidston. I use mine for office supplies now).

Nail Polish SoakBoxes are one of the best beauty products you'll use this year and become the most covetable.

Shop Nail Polish SoakBoxes now and get gorgeous colour that you don't have to reapply for a week.

(p.s. Also in the Sandi Henderson collection: I wear Guava Juice when I want a light, neutral ballerina pink. It's creamy, but looks ever so glossy. Spiced Peach Jam is perfect when you want just a bit of coral and Alpine Strawberry is one of those cheery red shades that isn't vampy in the least - you'll wear it with everything. 

From Fig Tree & Co: Summer Afternoon is a pale, yet modern peach. It pairs nicely with the  light minty green of Sea Glass, that works no matter what the season. Fig Sprouts, a bold chartreuse that looks amazing against all black, gray and navy. And because you'll always need a sassy red in your collection, Strawberry Popsicle is a great go-to shade that always pulls a look together.)

Stephanie Dickison

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