Knock Knock's Days of the Week File Folders - Getting Organized Has Never Been More Fun

Knock Knock products infuse fun and joy into your daily routine. Whether it's having your morning coffee, taking a message or working away at your desk, Knock Knock ensures you'll get a giggle every time.

Because I have a lot on the go in my job as editor of a food and restaurant website, I need all the organizational help I can get, so I am always on the lookout for new solutions.

I have fallen hard for Knock Knock's Days of the Week File Folders that help me conquer my ever-growing pile of paperwork that is forever encroaching on the rest of my desk. 

Each folder is boldly colour-coded and labeled with the day of the week. And in smaller letters below each day, is a funny remark:

Monday - get me out of here
Tuesday - better than Monday
Wednesday - humpity hump
Thursday - questioning my sanity
Friday - oh happy day
Weekend - off the clock

And just because they are fun, don't think that makes them flimsy - these folders are thick and built to last. They'll stand up to all that paperwork that you've got to get through. And they happen to contain a lovely notes page on the inside cover so that I can quickly access names, phone numbers, etc.

Now I am never at a loss for what I've got on for the week.

Knock Knock makes delightful, colourful, irreverent products that are plain ol' fun, but these file folders just happen to be the best office assistant I've ever had.

Stephanie Dickison

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