Cocky Socks - Now Drake Follows Me Everywhere I Go

It's not every day that I meet a celebrity (though probably more than most, as I interview them time to time for my work), but I met Drake once. He was as charming as you could imagine (so was his bodyguard Spoon).

So even though it was brief, I still think of it from time to time. 

And now, thanks to Cocky Socks, Drake follows me everywhere I go. In the form of the coolest socks in the history of the world.

Why would you wear regular socks when you can rock Drizzy 2.0? Or perhaps you'd prefer stunners like Rihanna and Selena Gomez.

You don't have to get stars if you don't want - go ahead and get an entire galaxy if that's more your thing.

Either way, these socks are made to last. Made from 90% polyester, the design stays dope longer (and the image is on both sides, so no matter whose side you're on, you can show 'em off. And because they're not ribbed, you don't get white streaks messing up the photo like those other socks.

Double cushioned and padded, they're also crazy comfortable.

I imagine these were made for Nike shoe collectors, basketball players and much cooler folks than me, but my Cocky Socks are coming along for my short runs and long walks. The view from the six is pretty awesome now. My game is most certainly upped now that I've got Champagne Papi at my feet. In fact, I'm running harder and walking farther than I ever have before.

Harder, better, faster, stronger, you could say. Phew. I'm done for the day.

Just hold on Drake, we're going home.

Stephanie Dickison

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