Secret Sweater - The Warmest, Prettiest, Can't-Live-Without Secret Ever

Like many women I know, I am always cold. But being fashion conscious and despite living in a snow-laden country, I refuse to wear long underwear or anything bulky to keep the chill out. I'm of the mindset that a girl's gotta look good, no matter what the weather.

Which is why I have fallen Ryan-Gosling-hard for Secret Sweater.

This l'il wonder is soft and thick without a stitch of bulkiness and is made to go over your current outfit (nice dress, BTW) or slip discreetly under your blazer for extra warmth. Your office mates may shiver under the air conditioner's blast, and friends catch cold in their pretty, but onion-skin-thin party wares, but you're too smart for that now.

I can't get over how soft it is - forget about expensive cashmere, you're going to want all your clothing to be made like this from now on (high quality cotton & modal blended interlock knit fabric). Which means that despite a closet full of cute cardis, this is going to be the one that rocks your world from now on.

And because it's got 3/4 sleeves and isn't made to close (so it slips effortlessly under your blazer or jacket), it's more flattering than your current go-to sweater, so while it's meant to be a discreet warmer, go ahead and flaunt it. It's too pretty to keep under wraps.

Being so small and lightweight, it makes the perfect traveling companion - it even comes with its own matching pouch! - so go ahead and take it with you to the office, gym or farther afield. It's fantastic on planes and trains that tend to be breezy. And movie theaters - brr.

It comes in 4 great solid colours - black, ivory, raspberry and whisper grey - which means they'll go with anything. I chose raspberry because I wear a lot of black and grey already and people always remark on how great the colour is. So for those of you who are colour shy, know that if you're going to do a colour, this is it.

Secret Sweater is a wardrobe lifesaver - once you try it, you'll be hooked for life. I am.

And you know what I've noticed? I've never had more jackets and blazers. I think it's all The Good Wife and Scandal I've been binge-watching. Yes, it must be, because I've taken to calling my fitted little leather jackets my"Kalindas." So there's never been a better time to have a Secret Sweater.

In fact, I say get one of each colour. Olivia and Alicia would agree.

Stephanie Dickison

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