iCoffee Single Serve Brewer - The All-in-One Coffee Machine

If you've been torn between the thick, frothy brew that a french press delivers, and the convenience of a k-cup-style coffee machine all of this time, your prayers have been answered with the amazing iCoffee Single Serve!

I have gone back and forth between french press systems and k-type cup machines throughout the years because I like features from both methods.

Which is why the is iCoffee Single Serve is ideal.

It gives you a rich cuppa without any acidity (using SpinBrew Technology!), and with so little effort - just pop in a K-Cup, RealCup, OneCup and all private label cups, or use the iCup reusable basket included and fill with your favourite brew.

There are no limitations with this machine. You can choose your beverage size - from 4 to 12 oz. - with the ease of the Dial-a-Brew control, that allows you to customize your size in 0.5 oz. increments. So while one person in the house loves a big mug of coffee and another likes an espresso, both can be accommodated with one machine and immense ease.

And that's one of my favourite things about the machine - it makes life so easy. I don't have to boil the kettle, fill the french press, wait for the water to boil, fill it and set the timer, then go and plunge the coffee when I hear the ding. If I want a cup of coffee, it brews 10 oz. in less than a minute. And it comes out hot, yet I don't have to let it cool.

The other bonus is the 75-ounce water reservoir, so that I only have to fill occasionally. Again, a beautiful time-saver in this time-crunched world we live in.

I love the blue light that makes the whole kitchen feel like being poolside and there's an energy-saving feature should you wish to keep your utility bill low.

The Opus from iCoffee is available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon and several retail outfits, so buy your iCoffee Single Serve Brewer now and have a great cup of coffee every day, your way.

Stephanie Dickison

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