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I first fell for Demeter Fragrance back in the summer and fall of '08  and then again the following year.

After wearing designer perfumes for years, I yearned for simple, natural scents that would be light, yet distinctive. I knew there was no better place than Demeter. And boy are they affordable too - you can get a whole whack of them for the price of that one from the fashion house that you forked over a hefty chunk of your paycheque for.

I choose three very simple fragrances that bring me such immense joy every day:

There is no scent better suited for me than Clean Skin. While I am not a clean freak or a multiple-shower-a-day person, I do love clean smells - cotton, laundry, ocean breeze - and a clean (and mostly tidy) environment. That feeling after a shower in the morning is one of the best of the day for me. I'm energized and raring to go, yet there's a calmness within that comes with clean skin. This fragrance extends those feelings all day long. In other words, they might as well call it Wonder Woman, because that's how it makes me feel.

And while the ingredients sound sweet - orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach and vanilla - you'd be amazed at the result - simply, cleanly scrubbed skin


If you've ever wanted to capture a little bit of the Cape Cod coast, Montauk breeze or vacations of your youth, all you need is this l'il beauty. Like bringing a fresh sea spray along with you for the entire day, don't be surprised when you hear the caws of seagulls and feel warm sand sinking beneath your feet.

The most complex and perfume-y of the bunch, Moonbeam is a unique, complex scent, both feminine and floral and evokes warm summer nights underneath the moonlight.

How Demeter has encapsulated such a specific image shouldn't surprise you by now. After all, this is their true gift. What is truly fascinating is that the effervescent fragrance is actually quite deep and sexy. Almost plummy, but not quite. Which is odd, considering the ingredients are vanilla, chocolate, green leaves, jasmine, lily of the valley, amber and precious woods.

Moonbeam is a "study in the contrasts between light and dark," and was inspired by the poetry of
Percy Bysshe Shelley (1803-1822):

Love's Philosophy

See! the mountains kiss high heaven,
And the waves clasp one another;
No sister flower would be forgiven,
If it disdained it's brother;
And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea;--
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss not me?

This slightly sweet, yet clean and sensual scent is joyous, youthful and brimming with optimism. How could you not want to envelop yourself in it everyday?

Shop the Demeter Fragrance Library now for your perfect scents. That's right - plural. Because why should you have just one?

Stephanie Dickison

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