Nordic Collection by OPI - Norse Beauties

Nordic might just be one of the best collections OPI has ever put out.

The wide range of colours offers everything from office workable to weekend wedding reception to late night drinks with the gang.

The sheer ease with which it goes on means you get a super professional finish without having to be too fussy or have mad skills. One coat also will do, if you're cramped for time. But of course two is always better.

I put three shades to the test:

- Ice-Bergers & Fries: This rich chocolate brown isn't a shade I would normally turn to, but now it happens to be one of my faves, thanks to its warmth and versatility (your black clothes suddenly lose their drabness and now pop!).

- Thank Glogg It's Friday! Then there's the creamy, party perfect wine red that has a beautiful sheen. I wore it to an event where a fashion-forward friend squealed at how great my nails looked.

- My Voice is a Little Norse: What a gorgeous gray speckled with disco ball party glitter, which will go with whatever party outfit you're rockin' this holiday season. Like dipping your nails in diamonds. Simply stunning!

See the whole range here. And watch the evocative video here:

But whatever you do, shop the Nordic Collection by OPI. These stunning lacquers will help see you through the winter months.

Stephanie Dickison

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