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If you've ever wanted to be surrounded by the luscious aroma of fresh roses, all you need is Aromatherapy Associates London.

I first tried their products back in 2009, and was completely captivated. The added aromatherapy aspect to these stunning beauty and bath products completely nurtures and revives you.

I recently had the opportunity to try more products from this riveting line. Here is what I tested, and subsequently fell very hard for:

- Renewing Rose Body Cream is one of the most bodacious rose scents you'll ever encounter. Smoothing on this rich cream (made from damask rose, evening primose oil and shea butter) from head to toe every day is like getting a luxe spa treatment. And the fact that your skin feels and looks better upon application is an amazing bonus.

- Take your shower to the next level simply with by using the ultra decadent Renewing Rose Body Wash. A heady mixture of rose, camomile and sandalwood fills the air, while your skin gets cleansed, fragranced and enriched with a blend of essential oils. Simply divine.

- Should you need a little extra pampering, try their award-winning Bath & Shower Oils. The power of what they provide beyond extraordinary blends of healing and uplifting ingredients has to be experienced. Each time I used  Inner Strength, Support Breathe and Deep Relax, I felt much better equipped to deal with the stresses of the day. Can you say that about your bath products? And why would you want to use anything else when you can have this impact on your day?

- Aromatherapy Associates London does more than just astonishing bath products. They've got an astounding skincare line too. After just one day and night of using Rose Infinity Moisturiser and Serum, my skin was completely revived, rejuvenated and illuminated. My dry, dull and blotchy mug got a complete do-over and suddenly my skin looked plump, dewy and unbelievably even. So good in fact that I ran errands without a stitch of makeup on. Who does that?!

- Speaking of makeup, I love the gentle care that the Renewing Rose Cleanser delivers. And it's easy - apply in gentle circular motions and rinse off with warm water. Your skin will be clean and hydrated, not stripped or dried out like when you use those other makeup removers.

You can see why I am completely smitten with Aromatherapy Associates London - their products transform not just your skin, but your mind, body and spirit.

So shop Aromatherapy Associates London now.

Stephanie Dickison

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