Knix Wear - Don't Sweat It Undies

When I was growing up, the thicker and heavier the coat, the warmer you were. Nowadays, fabric technology has come so far that material as light as a t-shirt can keep you warm in freezing temperatures.

I have upgraded a lot of things in my life - my phone, my home, my job, everything practically - so why not my underwear?

Knix Wear are the first panties to keep up with my/our busy lifestyle. Because the hustle doesn't stop from the moment you propel yourself outta bed to get to work to the moment you finally fall into bed some 16 hours later. During that time, you've probably run to get something, sweat it out over a decision - or ten - to make, sweat it out at the gym,  and later on, you might either sit for a spell and watch something on Netflix, or canoodle with someone. Or if you're lucky, both. No matter what your day is like, you need underwear that breathes and moves with you.

But if you're like me, you won't settle for anything that isn't damn pretty too.

My problem with most pretty underwear is this - while sexy,  it digs and jabs into your skin. The lace start to unravel almost immediately, while the silk and satin runs and pill. After just a few wears and washes, they start to look months or even years old. This is what you spent your hard-earned money on?
That's why Knix Wear are so freakin' fabulous - you get the pretty with the technology and quality. See, every pair comes with their Fresh Fix Technology, a thin yet super absorbent gusset, that wicks away moisture and naturally eliminates odor. And you can pick from the pretty simple to the pretty sexy. Whatever your mood, whatever the occasion, there's a perfect Knix pair for you. From the every day to the now-let's-play.

p.s. Normally I would choose the very practical, everyday seamless. All-purpose and ready for anything. But I am all about the upgrade these days, so I went for the all out lace. So glad I did. Super stretchy, it's like a second skin (75% nylon, 25% spandex). But oh-so-pretty. Yet sturdy. You don't have to walk on eggshells with these beauties. For the gym? FixKnix all the way! And because life is busy, stock up with the uber-convenient 3 packs .

Life is good. But now it's better, thanks to Knix Wear.

Shop Knix wear now.

Stephanie Dickison

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