Annabelle Cosmetics - Stunning Lips & Eyes for Summer

I have loved Annabelle Cosmetics and Skincare ever since I first tried their products. 

Whether it's their foundation, eye shadows, or bronzing powder, you always get innovative products that deliver a professional look, all without having to pay a fortune.

I've discovered some great new products that will really transform your look. And routine.

Check them out:

Big Show Lipshine

I tend to shy away from lipgloss because it can so thick and goopy. But these are anything but - sleek and smooth, the creamy formula glides on and imparts enough shine and sparkle that your lips get the spotlight, but with a sophisticated finish.

It's rare to find lip products that are as moisturizing as balms (despite their many, many claims), but Big Show Lipshine really delivers constant hydration (thanks to grapeseed oil, Omega-6, vitamin E and antioxidants). And I should know - I've got the driest lips on the planet. 

There are three shades to choose from:  Attract (coral),  Rock (hot pink) and Glow (neutral with a sparkly, shine kick). I say get all three - that way you're completely covered for the season, no matter what your outfit.

Don't forget to select matching lipliners  to complete your look.

I am not a good makeup applier. I just can't seem to layer, blend and get it all to come together. So I usually skip eyeshadow all together.

But thanks to TwistUps, I can swipe it on quickly and have it look good. Really good. It's all due to the thickness (a couple of swaths across my eyelids is all it takes) and the creamy soft application. It stays put throughout the day and the shades allow you to to add just a touch of colour (pink, pearl and gold) or go a bit bolder - my fave! - with indigo, plum and taupe.
TwistUps - the quickest, coolest way to apply error-proof colour.

I'm hooked!

I love makeup but I don't like the time it takes. I want to be able to apply products and go. This multi-tasker is great and also doesn't take up valuable real estate in your bag.

This two-in-one beauty offers a wide black liquid eyeliner, at one end, that's easy to apply with the oversize barrel, so you get a steady line for once. It's so easy, you'll be rocking a cat eye all the time now!
At the other end, a tiny mascara brush lets you get right in there, delivering electric abyss or black star colour. You can build a look that's work appropriate and then add on a few extra layers for after work cocktails.

Who said mascara had to be boring? You'll be amazed at how the extra colour on your lashes adds vibrancy to your whole look.

Stephanie Dickison

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