Attitude Cleaners - Clean Without Cancer-Causing Chemicals

I am the first admit that I like thing really clean. For example, I take a sponge to my front door every few months, turn my purses inside out and run them through the delicate wash cycle, and I bought a steam mop because a regular one just wasn't cutting it.

But I am not willing to fill my house with harmful chemicals just to get the result I want. And yet, I still want a deep clean. The kind that gets rid of dirt, grime and stains.

I first wrote about Attitude cleaners back in 2009  and was thrilled to learn of their new collection that features laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids and surface cleaners with "ingredients from renewable and vegetable sources that are also easily bio-degradable and non-toxic."

The entire line is not only better for you, it's affordable. So for once, you don't have to dole out way more for healthier products. Check out my favourites from the new line:

Don't think that just because this detergent is vegetable-based and biodegradable, it won't clean the hell out of your clothes.

I absolutely love the delicate Wildflowers scent - derived from natural ingredients, and completely hypoallergenic. 

But of course, I love that when I slip on my clothes or get into bed, I can feel good about not being swathed in gross chemicals.

p.s. Go ahead and use it in both HE (High Efficiency) & standard machines.

One of the best ways to keep your house not only clean, but smelling wonderful is with Attitude Citrus Zest All Purpose Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner. And you wouldn't believe the difference the joyous scent makes - just watch as you start to clean twice as often! 

A little hint  - Should unexpected guests drop by, just a few spritzes makes it seem as if you've been cleaning the house from top to bottom all day!

I haven't used a bar of soap in the bathroom or kitchen for decades now. But it remains a challenge to find a good liquid soap that has a fresh, clean scent. 

Attitude's Coriander & Olive and Green Apple & Basil deliver the most enticing fragrance, and you'll quickly find yourself addicted to the foaming action. The foam is also economical, as you'll use less than a liquid, so your soap lasts twice as long as your old brand. 


Normally, I am avidly against fabric refreshers. I can't stand the thought of someone spraying artificial scents onto furniture and clothes, etc. All those chemicals in the air? It makes me want to gag. But Attitude uses plant derived odour absorbers in their fabric refreshers, so go ahead and spray away! The clean, cool Glacial scent gets out any staleness and stuffiness that's been lingering - great for when you're switching wardrobes each season or when you need to spritz the couch after Fluffy settles in for the night.

Another reason to love Attitude? If you join the Atttitude club online, you can save up to 50% off the regular price.

It's easy to have a whole new attitude about cleaning. And still have a wickedly clean front door.

Stephanie Dickison

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