Morninghead - Forget About Getting Up Early to Do Your Hair

​I know a ton of people who shower at night and always have. I don't know if it's that they need the extra sleep or they grew up that way, but some of my closest friends are washing up when most of us are heading off to bed.

It's this demographic that Morninghead was initially intended for - those who have showered the night before and need to fix their hair.

I have taken the more fashionable approach and use Morninghead for when I need to style or change my hair in between events and happenings. Let's say you are spending time with a client during the day and then have something on in the evening that you want to dress up for - instead of coming home and having a complete shower and the whole deal, you can simply use Morninghead to wet your hair and then style it as you wish. It makes it so quick and easy to change up your hairstyle.

See, instead of having to try and cram your head underneath the tub's faucet (because let's face it - you've got to have a pretty fancy sink to have room to get your head in there), you simply wet the inside of the Morninghead cap. The ultra-absorbent material  in this unshower cap holds onto the water so that you can place it on your head without water running down your face and neck (just like when you used to stand at the sink/tub - ew!), so you just put it on, rub it a few times and bam - you've got wet hair without any fuss or muss. Then, you can redo your hair anyway you like.

It's reusable and washable, so go ahead and muss your hair up playing raquetball or dancing up a storm - you can totally fix it.

Whether you're rocking long or short hair, this is a great way to get ready for a night out fast or fix that ponytail bump before you head out to an important meeting.

Get Morninghead and finally have your hair the way you want to - without having to shower all over again.

p.s. Normally I put the product pic up at the top of the post, but Mr. Handsome up there was too sexy to resist! 

Stephanie Dickison

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