Torrain Recycled Bags - Never Has a Rice Bag Looked So Chic

If you're like me, you always need a bag in addition to your purse. Whether you prefer a carry-all, tote bag or weekender, it's all the same - an extra place to stash what won't fit into your bag.

Since I always have one at my side (filled to the brim, I might add), friends and colleagues always know to check out my latest find. After all, I won't carry just anything.

Torrain Recycled Bags not only fulfill my requirement to be stylish, they are also wicked strong (The bigger the bag, the more you carry - e.g. Oh, wait, are those tops really 3 for 1?...), and are made with care from recycled materials

Their stunning tote bags will not only survive that bumpy flight and awkward trip to your in-laws and back without putting up a fuss (can the same be said about your partner?), they manage to allow you to bring way more than you'll ever need (how do you know if you'll need a sweater and a jacket?).

Carrying your laptop and office work around won't feel so bad once you've got it all in a cute recycled rice bag messenger bag.

When people carry duffle bags for work, the gym or traveling, I find they don't take style into account like they would with other bags. Which is why you need to switch to these sweet designs. Soooo much better than that one that advertises the gym you've been going to since the 90s.

And these handbags and shoulder bags are so adorable, so unique, you'll never have to worry about having the same one. You know, where it tells you it's not plastic?

These bags made from recycled materials by Cambodian artisians are water-resistant and super strong. So go ahead and do as I do and load 'em up with what you need - groceries, books, magazines, etc. And look cool while you're doing it. After all, brilliant colours like these are the perfect accessory to that carefully planned out outfit.

Not only are they super stylish, they are eco-friendly too


Torrain saves energy and reduces the amount of pollutants in the environment by using natural and recycled fabrics. Packaging materials, stationary and hangtags are also 100% recycled and printed with natural dyes.

Stephanie Dickison

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