Mujjo White Sleeeves - The Chicest Way to Carry Your Electronic Devices

While you might be happy carrying your phone and laptop in a everyone-has-one brand name case, I prefer something a little for elegant, a little more stylish, a little more Dutch.

Mujjo is a label you simply must get to know. Their first collection of sleeves for Apple devices featured dark grey felt bodies with caramel coloured leather closures. Very chic indeed, if a bit masculine for my taste.

Which is why I was exhilarated to discover their recently launched white versions! These gorgeous beasts are exactly what I want in a case - durability and protection combined with intense sleek style that ooze sophistication and grace. Even the brand's font is stunning, so of course their products follow suit.

My Samsung Galaxy phone has never been so pampered until being enveloped in its Mujjo White Sleeve. Hand-dyed, top grain, 100% vegetable-tanned leather offers strong support with a sexy smooth surface. Being water repellent as well, I feel good knowing that its protected even during an intense rain storm. 

The fit of the case is unbelievable (this is where you'll really appreciate the attention to detail in design). The phone fits and slips in, but snugly. There is no having to tug or pull however, I assure you. Instead, your phone is encased lovingly, with immense care

It's incredible.

And of course now my phone looks all James Bond with its slim case with rounded stitched edges. I mean, it's a fantastic phone, but now? 

It's the ultimate, thanks to Mujjo 

And if you're going to be carrying around your iPad or MacBook, there's no swankier, yet

The thick grey wool felt body is office appropriate without being stuffy and offers great insulation and protection for your MacBook. The white leather closure is the perfect finishing touch. Like a fine pair of cufflinks or a trim belt that pulls an entire outfit together, this spectacular case is a stylish essential that tells the world you mean business.

Slipping your phone into such a gorgeous, streamlined sleeve makes you seem organized and structured, whether you are or not. It says that you are modern and knowledgeable and efficient.

Does your current case say all that?

I didn't think so

You just can't beat this kind of swanky Dutch craftsmanship.

Shop Mujjo now.

Stephanie Dickison

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