LaCoupe Awapuhi Wild Ginger Collection - The Damage Is Done? Not Anymore

Despite changing my ways - washing my hair every other day (it's hard, but I do it because it's the right thing to do), applying product before blow-drying and straightening - my hair is still a frightful mess of dry hay. After all, I do bleach it as white blond as it will allow and I live in a country where it is cold about 8 months of the year, so it's not my hair's fault.

That being said,  it is still in need of massive repair. But luckily, I've got LaCoupe'sAwapuhi Wild Ginger Collection at my side.

If you don't know LaCoupe, you're missing out. This is one of the best haircare lines in the world and their collections always deliver on their promises (read my reviews of Intensive Repair, Argan Oil and Coconut & Macadamia Oil to see what I mean). Of course the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Collection is just as exceptional as I expected.  

Delivering deep, nourishing moisture by way of botanicals, your locks are immediately hydrated thanks to awapuhi (from Hawaii, also known as wild ginger) shea butter, silk amino acids and panthenol.

You can feel the difference right away, while you're still in the shower - which to me says how exceptional it is. Your hair goes from feeling like scratchy yarn to silky tresses in nanoseconds.

And then, of course, there are the results outside the shower. Bouncy, silky, shiny, manageable hair is yours. Even after you blow dry and straighten. Even after that ski trip to Aspen and all that harsh, cold, dry air. Even if you're just dealing with frizzy hair that won't settle down.

The thick, creamy formulas infuse your hair with a zesty, energizing scent. Who needs that second cup of joe now that you're feeling so alive?

I know - it's just shampoo and conditioner, right?

Wrong. Not when you've got LaCoupe at your side.

Shop the LaCoupe Awapuhi Wild Ginger Collection now.

Stephanie Dickison

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