Zipzicle - Quick & Easy Homemade Ice Treats

When it's hot out, there's nothing better than an ice cold frozen treat.

But those blue and neon pink freezes you've been buying at the corner store since you were a kid are swimming with chemicals and dyes. It's time for an upgrade.

Zipzicles are slim freezer bags that allow you to make your own ice pops with your own ingredients. I was just going to pour my fruit and berry juices into my little molds, but then I saw the amazing recipes on the back of the packages - Tangy Blueberry, Rootbeer Creamsicle and Strawberry Lemonade? Now you're talking!

Go ahead and make up a mixed batch of ice cold freezes (no carbonates beverages), pop 'em upright into the freezer and a little while later, you'll be feeling cool and collected while the rest of the world sweats it out.

p.s. these little wonders are resealable and BPA free too.

Stephanie Dickison

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