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My goal this year? To lose weight and get fit.

It's not easy, but thanks to Perfect Fitness Accessories, it's made it a more manageable. Here are a few of my favourite products so far:

- For my long walks and short runs (I told you it wasn't easy), the Sport Hydrobelt  (pictured above) ensures that I've always got water close at hand (two 6-oz. bottles) and the sweet little zippered pouch stores my phone, keys and cards safely, keeping me hands free (if you see my pumping my arms and whooshing them around, don't laugh - it's working!). 

The snap belt is super easy to adjust and the reflective accents keep me safe when I'm out at night. If you're exercising outdoors, the Hydrobelt is a must.

- Because you've got to be so careful these days, I'm sporting the Perfect LED Armband. Weather resistant, this adjustable band has two settings that last and last -  flashing (with a 96-hour burn time) and continuous (72-hour burn time). Take that reckless drivers!

- Staying dry and cool at the same time while exercising is a tough feat. But when you've got Perfect Cooling Towel, it's like having your own valet and coach right at your side. Soaking up water like a sponge and keeping cool for hours, you'll stay dry no matter how many reps you do. 

It's also machine washable, so yes, it is everything you've ever wanted and more.

Shop the entire Perfect Fitness Accessories collection now.

Stephanie Dickison

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