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The way I supplement my pretty basic wardrobe is with jewelry and other fashionable accessories. It's an easy and affordable way to update my clothes without having to purchase entire outfits every season.

But I am picky. I want stuff that not only stands out, but means something.

Live Worldly has gorgeous pieces that will also mean as much to you as treasured family heirlooms. Each piece has been made with great thought and care from people whose lives you will impact greatly with you purchase. And a portion of the proceeds from each item is donated to a local non-profit organization, so you don't have to feel selfish or guilty about shopping for pretty baubles and bags for once.

I have shopped a lot of international sites like Live Worldly, but never have I seen such a vast array to choose from and such on-trend items too. Check out what I am currently crushing on:

- Purses are always a great way to update your look and Live World has some truly alluring choices. I adore the super swish Live Argentine Tan & Pink Sophia Bag, late-night must-have Live Argentine Gold Fringe Laura Purse, perfect daily Live Argentine Palermo Purse, ravishing Live Argentine Camila Purse, all-purpose  Live Rwandan Indego Africa Canvas Bag, ultimate dance-all-night Live Argentine Black Stud Purse and to-market-we-go with Live American Flag Purse Blue.

- Blue in all its forms, is one of my favourite colours and so I often gravitate to it with accessories. I can't get enough of this Live Chinese Jade Ring in Blue, Live Thailand Hill Tribe Precious Hair Pin Blue, Live Indian Recycled Sari Scarf Aqua and Live American Golden Lily Braided Bead Necklace Blue. Every time I wear my Live Brazilian Beleza Bib Necklace in Aqua (pictured above) it completely transforms me and my outfit. I have even been stopped on the street and asked where I got it. You can't imagine how over the moon I was to tell them...

- Gold isn't as fussy as it once was - it comes in the most delicate, feminine hues now, as seen in Live Swedish Sami Bracelet #J105, Live Peruvian Machu Picchu Bracelet, Live American Golden Lily Triple Wrap Bracelet, Live Brazilian Le Sophis Gold Headband and Live Brazilian Leticia Passion Earring with a touch of rose.

- I really gravitate towards Tibetan items. The country and its people mean a lot to me and thus, their handmade objects are not only arresting, they make me feel wonderful. That's why I am lusting after the Live Tibetan Protection Cord Spool, Protection Cord Cuff Yellow, White Prayer Bead Bracelet, Buddha Bracelet Gold and Prayer Flags, to name just a few.

- Statement necklaces are kinda my thing - one big bold piece and I'm good to go. The

- One of the best features of Live Worldly is Brazilets. These little wrap bracelets are a 200-year-old Brazilian tradition of good fortune. You wrap it around your wrist and make three knots and three wishes. When it falls off, your wishes will come true - I can't think of a better gift than dreams being realized!

Shop Live Worldly now. You won't just change your wardrobe - you'll change lives.

Stephanie Dickison

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