W8Fit - Get Ship-Shape with Sleek Weights!

The battle to keep pounds away certainly proves harder as you age. 

And it's not just about eating less, it's about exercising more. But also, smarter. See, experts say that you can burn the same amount of calories doing a simple workout for 30 minutes as you could for 60 or 90 - it's all in what you do and for how long.

Weighted accessories increase the resistance, which I believe, gives you faster results. So I went in search of something a little sleeker than the bulky ankle weights that sat like sandbags at the base of my legs waay back in the day, and frankly, were too heavy to really do the trick (you want to be able to actually move in them).

W8Fit's weighted accessories are sleek and pretty - perfect for the modern woman looking to tone up and/or slim down.

Designed by Maya Kaminsky, these weighted accessories allow you to get more outta your workout without having to lug around heavy, bulky weights or put excessive strain on your body. And who says you have to only wear 'em when you're exercising?

My 1 lb Bright Pink Cuffs are the perfect accoutrement for when I'm out walking or running errands, as well as during my workout.

They're designed so that you can customize the amount of weight you want to carry at any one time and allows you to ability to change it as much as you like. The four little pockets allow you to slip the quarter pound rounded weights in and out in a second with such ease, you'll wish all of your clothes were this brilliantly constructed.

The slim silhouette means that they're never in the way of what you're doing and the light, stretchy fabric (88% nylon, 12% lycra) translates to the most comfy gear you can imagine (think snug as a bug in a rug, but more fashionable). And go ahead and wash 'em - they won't shrink or fade, like the rest of your gear.

After using the cuffs, you'll want all of your clothes to be weighted. Lucky for you, W8Fit has thought of that and provides a wonderful selection of tanks and pants with the ability to add weight.

Who would've thought that adding weight could make you so happy?

Shop W8Fit now.

Stephanie Dickison

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