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Life is c-r-a-z-y. On the night you think you're going to cook a healthy, wholesome dinner, you have to work late and end up scarfing left-over Chinese food in 10 minutes. The week you decide that you're going to start exercising, you get a call that you're going to be traveling for the next three weeks.

To circumvent life's crazy obstacles and get on a healthier track, Vitamints are here to help. 

They are the first vitamin I've seen that you don't need food or water with them. Which means that you can take them whenever you remember - even if that means you're on the G Line to Brooklyn, in a meeting with a client or on your way to meet friends for drinks.

And instead of carrying around a box of mints, why not carry your vitamins? They do double duty as they both deliver important vitamins and minerals and ensure fresh breath.

There are 8 types to choose from - Multi for Women, Multi for MenImmune, Energy, Active, Focus, Calm and Recover

They are affordable too, which I appreciate. Who wants to spend hundreds of vitamins that you are forgetting to take anyway?

Finally, a vitamin that completely fits in with your busy lifestyle.

Start living a healthy life despite your jam-packed schedule. Find out where to get Vitamints near you.

Stephanie Dickison

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