Nikki's Magic Wand - Makeup That's Good to the Last Drop

Beauty products can be one of the biggest expenses, even if you're not a slave to luxe brands and working the sales as much as possible. So you want to get the most outta them that you can, especially when it's your favourite lipstick or eye cream.

Forget about the days where you'd have to leave that last bit of mascara or lip gloss in the tube because you couldn't reach it with the applicator - now that you've got Nikki's Magic Wand, you can truly get the last of that fab colour.

At first glance, the Magic Wand looks like your typical mascara or liquid liner. But twist off the cap and it reveals a slender applicator tip that moves like a silicone spatula with a kind of memory foam material. This teeny little wonder makes it possible to scrape up every last ounce of product. With ease. Without getting it all over you (like that time you tried with the cotton swab...). With grace.

No matter what size or shape the bottle or tube, you can snatch the last of that foundation and concealer, giving you at least days, if not weeks, more use.

Thus, you have saved money, a trip to Sephora and you get to enjoy your products that you've searched long and hard for, for just a little bit longer.

It truly is a magical thing.

Get Nikki's Magic Wand now.

Stephanie Dickison

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