B Skinz - Athletic Wear Doesn't Have to Be Boring After All

One day before a walk, I looked down to see my outfit. It was my usual workout gear - black pants, black (or sometimes grey) top. Now I've worn a lot of black for a lot of years, but this is getting ridiculous. So I went on the hunt for more colourful options.

No one does more colour than B-Skinz.

Founded back in 2007, Stacy and Carolyn decided that women needed more colour. Waaay more colour. So they created exercise clothing with over 125 bright colours and patterns that don't have to be limited to when you're trying to work up a sweat or burn off last night's second helping.

Made with high-quality nylon spandex and with styles that move with you, not against you, you might just find yourself on the elliptical for 20 extra minutes or dancing around the house more than you used to - they are just that comfortable. And they are made in the US, which is quite a feat, as I'm sure you'll notice that much of your gear is made in Asia.

I tried a pair of compression shorts, which is great because I don't normally wear shorts at all.  You get to choose your length - patterns come in either regular shorts length (6" inseam), or spankies.  length (2.5" inseam). I chose regular, as no one is quite ready to see all that, up in here. 

Now I've worn comfy gear before, but really, nothing like this. There is a weightlessness to the material that makes them seem like you're barely wearing anything at all. The other feature I noticed right away is that they feel breathable, which is rare in athletic clothing, I think. Sure, a lot of companies claim that their products breathe, but these miraculous shorts don't feel like their smothering my skin like cling wrap.

I also observe instantly that the seams don't cut into my thighs and the waistband is extremely roomy, so I'm not encased like a sausage - which is the whole reason I've stayed away from any type of athletic shorts all of my life. 

They feel so good that I'm now bopping around the house in them. A lot.

Maybe I'm a shorts girl after all. As long as they're made by B-Skinz.

Shop now.

p.s. they carry way more than just shorts. Check 'em out.

Stephanie Dickison

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