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I am all for technological leaps and bounds. In fact, I love it. My home office is filled with tons of tech and gadgets, and because I'm a gal on the go (read: freelancer - people to see, places to be, etc.), so is my purse.

But I have a confession to make: As much as I love tablets and phones, I have a very hard time with on-screen keyboards. I just can't type as quickly - or accurately - on them. Did you know that I wrote about half of my book using my former Blackberry and HTC phones because they had actual keyboards on them? I wrote anytime I could - on the subway, waiting for appointments - and it added up. I got so much done!

Nowadays, I still write using my tablet and phone, but it's not the same. I have nowhere near the productivity I had before. It's probably due to my age that I prefer a keyboard to the screen. Feeling the keys makes it not only easier, but more fun.

That's why I can't live without my Touchfire Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad.

See, I bought a tablet so that I can work while I'm on the go, but with the on-screen keyboard, I can only go so fast, accomplish so much. But with my Touchfire, I can write as easily as I can on my laptop, without having to carry the extra weight, cord, mouse, etc. It's the ultimate tool whether you're a full-time writer such as myself or you simply want to be able to write a report for work while on the train or in front of the TV without having to be in front of a computer.

The design is brilliant - soft rubber, clear keys overlap the on-screen ones, so you get the tactile feel of the keys without having to lug around a heavy, clunky external keyboard. They have just enough give to ensure you feel like you're typing on an actual keyboard, but it's so sleek, that you really don't have to assert much pressure at all. In other words, it's a complete dream.

Small magnets at the side keep it secure, so go ahead and tilt it at whatever angle it comfortable for you. Whether you're typing away in a beach chair or in a cramped coffee shop, you can still work away as if you're at the office.

The keyboard even rolls up neatly into a slim plastic case so that it's protected, but also leaves you the precious real estate you require in your bag for other essentials (What, you don't carry around 3 lip balms, 5 pens and 3 notebooks everywhere you go?).

It's the perfect solution for those that want to stay connected without cords and bulky accessories weighing you down.

Get yourself the Touchfire iPad Keyboard now and watch your life completely change, one key at a time.

Stephanie Dickison

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