Rubbermaid Closet Helper Max Add-on Organizer - You Don't Need Mr. Big To Get Your Dream Closet!

I have a friend who recently moved and needed to organize her closet.

She hauled herself all the way up to IKEA (it's always on the outskirts of the city, so it's a full day trip, like going to the airport...) to get some shelving. She came back with heavy boards of varying lengths, what seemed like a million brackets, and enough hardware to open up her own shop. Then it took her two days to get it all up, during which she cut her thumb quite badly and had to go online many times to try and figure out the complicated instructions and layout.

As much as I wanted and needed to organize my closet (why can I never find that gold tee, turquoise blouse and black sweater when I want them?), I was not about to undergo an immense physical and emotional hardship to do it.

I truly believe that there is no better - or easier - way to give yourself a brand new closet than with Rubbermaid's Closet Helper Max Add-on Organizer. Here's why:

1. It's affordable (it's way less than a dresser) and everything comes in the one box (that you can actually carry with ease, something you don't find very often at IKEA and other home stores).

2. You don't need any tools - it just snaps together. Which means none of those annoying allen wrenches, switching out the correct tips or having to keep track of which nails and screws go where.

3. It works with the shelf (wood or wire) you've already got. See, I hadn't redone my closet in years because so many use the actual clothing rod as its base, and mine was already overloaded with so many clothes, I didn't dare add anymore weight to it. And you don't have to demolish anything in your existing closet, which means no dust and debris cleanup.

4.  It's so damn easy, you'll wish you'd done this waaay sooner. I put mine together in 20 minutes before heading out for a meeting one morning. Seriously. 

5. The best part is that the ingenious design means that you don't have to try layout after layout to get the system that works best for you - the design gives you instant sections:

a) 8 12" shelves allows you to fold and store your sweaters, pants, skirts and whatever else you like to pile instead of hang. There are so many sections that are instantly created that I now have separate shelves for my work pants, exercise pants, jeans, skirts and tanks! It also includes 4 fabric cubbies for extra organization, so go ahead and put stuff that you don't want to neatly fold in there like socks, undies, camisoles, scarves, etc.

b) A telescoping hang rod (which extends from 24" all the way up to 48", so whether you're in a teeny New York apartment, a palatial loft midtown, or a lovely New England Colonial, it works with what you've got) gives you 2 places to hang your gear. I've got tops on one, sweaters on the other. Sweet. And on the other side of the shelves, there's the perfect spot for all of my dresses.

Do you know that by installing the Rubbermaid Closet Helper Max Add-on Organizer, I was able to get rid of both of my chest of drawers, because this system does it all?

I should have taken photos of my closet before, but truthfully, it was embarrassing at how cluttered it was. Here, however, are the after:

See? It really works!

And now I have the dream closet I've always wanted. Getting dressed used to be such a chore, but now it's a complete joy. Can you imagine?

Get yourself the Rubbermaid Closet Helper Max Add-on Organizer now.

Stephanie Dickison

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