HuMn Wallets - Sleek Wallets for Those Who Don't Like Bulk - Or Thieves

It is extremely hard to find wallets that aren't as thick as an encyclopedia (do people even use those anymore?) and that won't bulk up once you get your money, cards and receipts into 'em.

I like to keep things neat and organized as much as I can (please don't look at my desk right now) and that extends to my wallet as well. I want to be able to get a card out quickly, with ease, without having to scrounge around like so many people do, looking through their purse, pockets and wherever else it might be stashed under ten pounds of various items.

The other thing to be aware of these days, is of course, identity theft. You've got to keep your cards close and cover the keypad when entering your password. But is that enough?

The HuMn Wallet does two things - it protects your credit cards and ID's from being scanned (unless you want them to be) and slims everything down to one neat little package.

The anondized aluminum (or premium carbon fiber plates - you choose, as well as from the vast array of colours available) acts like a barrier, similar to that vest pregnant women have to wear when getting x-rayed - so your information stays inside the wallet, and keeps everything tidy in between the covers. I absolutely love that you can get eye-popping colours and choose the colour of band you want too (you wallet should make you smile when you pull it out, shouldn't it?). The metal is rounded at the corners and so smooth, just watch how many times you run your fingers over it throughout the day.

Finally you'll have a wallet that lasts (look at how little stitching there is - good on ya, HuMn), is incredibly handsome (I call mine Idris, but call yours whatever you like) and will make getting all of your cards and cash money out a helluva lot easier than that huge bulky briefcase you call a wallet.

Stephanie Dickison

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