Ellis Faas Mascara - All Eyes On You

I first discovered Ellis Faas makeup years ago and have been a devotee ever since.

There is a richness and creaminess in Ellis Faas products that you don't find anywhere else, giving you this immensely lush appearance that is both futuristic and slightly retro all at once.

That luxe look continues with Ellis Eyes Mascara. The bullet pen that is a signature of Ellis Faas products allows you a ton of control so that you can apply as many layers as you like, with a precise expert hand. The brush comes to a point, just like the cap of the applicator, so you can get to the teeniest lashes in the corners while still sweeping each lash from base to tip

But it's probably the actual application that you'll notice first. It just goes on so smoothly, without bumps or clumps along the way. Coating your lashes with a rich cream that looks quite natural with just one layer and extremely dramatic with multiple layers, you can customize your look to your day. I do one or two coats for everyday wear and then I double up for events, nights out and other special occasions. How fantastic to be able to get both looks outta one gorgeous container.

Of course you'll want to have the black on hand, but I highly recommend getting the brown too. Not normally a shade I'd feel comfortable in, Ellis Faas always makes what you don't think will work on you look like the colour you were born to wear. And wow do they make my green eyes pop!

This ain't no ordinary mascara. It's practically an accessory the way it changes how you look.

Stephanie Dickison

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