Aventuress High Performace Sunscreen Wipes - Protection on the Go

I don't know about you, but I don't like applying sunscreen after I've applied lotion and makeup. It feels like I'm undoing all that work I just put into getting ready to go out.

I know, I know - you've got to wear sunscreen these days. But do I really want to be toting around a big bottle of it when my bag is already filled to the brim (it's ridiculous what I've got in here...)?

That's why I am head-over-heels in love with Adventuress High Performance Sunscreen Wipes SPF 30. These individually wrapped sunscreens are perfect for not only stashing in your purse, but amazing for travel - no more leaky bottles or having to transfer big bottles into travel-size ones! I'm so thankful to leave behind greasy sunscreen hands too.

See, these thick pads come prepped with a perfect dose of sun protection - just swipe on using the little finger glove (the lotion is on the other side of the pad, keeping your hands clean and oil-free) and toss away. It's so easy to reapply while you're out and about now that you don't have to worry about getting your skin and hands all slick with greasy lotion.

And the scent is pretty and light so you can go about your day without reeking like a coconut.

With 24 per box, you've got enough for daily walks around town as well as weekend excursions and  trips abroad.

So whether you're looking for a convenient and portable sunscreen to take to the pool or beach or like me, just want to keep your hands clean and your skin protected from the harsh rays, get Adventuress High Performance Sunscreen Wipes SPF 30.

Stephanie Dickison

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