The Yves Rocher 2013 Winter Makeup Collection - Sparkle & Shine This Season

Makeup for winter and the holidays always centers around sparkle and illumination. And this season, you'll be absolutely effervescent, thanks to the always amazing, Yves Rocher.

One of the best products I've tried this year, Pure Light - Light & Luminous Foundation (pictured above) makes you look lit from within, a natural glow just pouring out of you. With one of the silkiest applications of any makeup, you'll be racing to the mirror to apply it - and I found it so smooth, I abandoned a lifetime of using a sponge and just used my fingers. It's so sumptuous, you'll make the switch too. Then there's the results: Using fab ingredients such as rice extract, your skin appears so smooth, soft and radiant, that you'll be racing off to get new profile pics taken asap. It really outdoes all those drugstore brands you've been relying on. And it comes in 12 shades from very light to very dark, so you'll be able to find one that works with your skintone. Which means, no embarrassing foundation lines along your jawline anymore. It really is a dream product - and so darn affordable.

If you skin is in need of a little fixing-upping, all you need is a little dab or two of Perfect Primer. Even if it doesn't, the luxurious aromas of musk rose oil, Damask rose extract and Damask rosewater, are so alluring, you'll use it anyway. And why not? It works on those fine lines and slight imperfections while smoothing out your skin's surface and tone. Now that you look like this, you might not mind running into your ex so much...

Because it's okay to sparkle and shine during the holidays (and after 6 pm the rest of the year), you've got to have Illuminating Pearls. These gorgeous orbs deliver a slight shimmer, so that you look simply resplendent, never glittery. And they even out your skintone too. Be sure to get this fantastic brush so that you get an even, Cinderella-like application everytime (apply in a circular motion). You'll like this so much, don't be surprised that you're still using it come summer.

Come hither lips are a cinch to pull off with the incredible LIMITED EDITION Sexy Pulp Collector Plumping Lip Gloss in Taupe Rose. Glossy and glam, your lips will look like they've just been dipped in bronzy liquid, giving you the ultimate fuller, sexy pout. Not only will you look gorgeous, you'll love that your lips aren't full of thick stickiness, like you've had in the past with other glosses. So go ahead and pucker up - your lips have never looked better.
In keeping with the standout looks of the season, let's add some intense colour to those lips. Moisturizing Cream Lipstick in Intense Red is perfect for this time of year when we're dressed in head to toe black and the last of our summer blush has dissipated. I am always shy of intense colour like this (I don't like to draw attention to anything of mine), but my goal is be bolder and more courageous and to step up my style 10 notches and I can do all of that with a single swipe of this creamy, rich and nourishing lipstick. And you know what? Wearing it makes me feel like a million bucks, like I'm a better version of myself. Can you current lip product do all that? And if you act quickly, there's a colourful limited edition case in it for you too.

Shop the Yves Rocher 2013 Winter Makeup Collection and may your days be merry and bright.

Stephanie Dickison

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