See the Beauty Here - Spreading the Love with Uplifting Stencils

Look, I know it's corny and I don't want to be all The Secret about it, but I do believe that surrounding yourself with positive messages opposed to negative ones makes a huge difference in your mindset and daily mood. 

Now I'm not insisting that you cover your kitchen cabinets with post-it notes filled with flowery affirmations or stop reading the newspaper every day, but I do recommend bringing a little lightness into your world via See The Beauty Here.

This book of 16 uplifting stencils means that you can do everything from:

- spray your headboard with "here is good" in gold paint
- wrap a gift to your best friend and colour in the "you totally made my day" stencil on the paper
- use glass paint (or makeup) and put up the "you are perfect!" stencil on your bathroom mirror to greet your partner in the morning.
- scan and send a piece of paper with "you inspire me everyday" to your mentor
- paint "see the beauty here" onto your favourite tote
- send  an "i'm proud of you" poster to someone through the mail anonymously
- stencil "today is your day" in icing sugar onto a co-workers cake
- using erasable marker, put "take the scenic route" on your fridge door or the window of your front and back doors.

It's nice to be reminded that someone's out there supporting you, that there's something right around the corner that will excite and entice you.

What a perfect gift.

Shop See the Beauty Here: Spread the Love with 16 Uplifting Stencils now.

Stephanie Dickison

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