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Everyone and their grandmother it seems covers their iPhone in one of three looks:

- a plain plastic case that says nothing about your individuality.
- a case promoting your favourite musician/car/clothing line .
- a crazy bedazzled, bejewelled thing that weighs a ton and isn't close to getting into anyone's back pocket - this thing is the size of Idaho.

So I went in search of something elegant and unique, something that is built to last and made for just me.

I found it all at Rosingly. This amazing site features daily deals to exclusive designer furniture, d├ęcor and accessories. What I love about them is they work with local manufacturers and really create and curate a wonderful collection of exclusive items that are not only up to 70% off regular retail prices, but absolutely stand out from the usual daily deals that work their way into your inbox.

The exquisite iPhone Metropolis Luxury Hardwood Case goes to show what beautiful craftsmanship there is in the world and there's no need to settle for a flimsy, junky plastic cover when you can have this.

What makes this wood case so luxe:

- Sustainable and only sustainable wood is used. Betcha can't say the same about your former plastic cover.
- Each case is custom made. Why have what everyone else have when you can have this beauty?
- The softness of the wood is quite staggering - you have to feel it to believe it, but it's as if it's been made from cashmere trees.
- Rounded corners means that whether you stash it in your pocket or purse, you'll never have to worry about stabs or tears.
- Beautiful arced openings so that you can access all your plugs and ports.
- Each case is lined with velour to pamper and protect your phone. It's like having a royal guard stand watch over your phone 24/7.
- Hand-carved details and custom engraving means you can have a message that is for you and you alone. Check out the awesome text Rosingly did for my case (pictured above).

I love you Rosingly. You are truly awesome. And so are the following:

Stephanie Dickison

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