Parker I.M. - The Reason You Start Writing Longhand Again

I am one of the few people I know who still writes with pen and paper. My home office is chock-a-block full of notes and lists I've made, drafts of books and articles and notebooks full of ideas, goals and occasionally even recipes and menus.

But I know this is a rare thing these days - babies play with iPads as if they were born with it in their hand, teens text at the speed of light, even my fella just a few years younger than me uses tablets for writing his television scripts. He's completely paper-free, his old cloth-bound journals gathering dust on his desk shelf.

So if you're one of those people that abandoned paper long ago, it's time to come back. And if you're like me and have a whole desk drawer dedicated to stationery or love to make lists on different sized paper, then you're in for a treat with the new Parker IM Pen.

The Parker IM range offers brass construction, modern finishes and a choice of fountain, rollerball or ballpoint.

I absolutely love the heft of this pen. The all-metal construction gives you the feeling that you're doing more than making a shopping list or drafting ideas for your big presentation at work - more like you're signing the Declaration of Independence or something. And the brushed body with polished gold or chrome trims, and the classic Parker 'Arrow" pocket clip tells people that you mean business. This is the kind of pen that you sign record contracts and sign your first million dollar cheque with, but is accessible enough to use everyday for jotting notes on your calendar and signing for packages at the office.

It comes is a swanky black box with a medium black refill, so it makes a wonderful gift too.

I'm not saying throw your technology aside, but I am recommending the Parker I.M. Pens. After all, you're still going to need to write from time to time, so why not start with the ultimate in luxury that's actually affordable?

Stephanie Dickison

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