Oribe Luxury Hair Care - Get Hollywood Hair in a Flash

My hair always looks the same no matter what I do. So I was looking for something to change it up, take it to the next level.

My mane got the charge it needed, all thanks to Oribe (and yes, there's a man behind the name).

Used on some of the most glamourous, gorgeous stars in Hollywood, Oribe is all about getting your hair to the ultimate sophistication possible. This is the creme de la creme, the zenith of haircare. It just doesn't get any better than this.

But the question I had was while it works on stunners like Karlie Kloss, Joan Small and Victoria's Secret Models, would it work on little ol' me? Are the products that different than what you find at the drugstore?

Yes and yes.

You can tell the quality of these products from not only their feel and fragrance, but the results. It's like having a professional stylist at your side.

I am in awe of Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray (pictured above - there's a travel version too). First of all, it bursts forth outta the bottle not so much a spray as a whoosh of air from a jet engine. The second thing you'll notice is a lovely, fresh and very light floral scent falls around you. This is what rich people smell like. This is what your hair now exudes. You're in the big leagues now. But of course, what will completely blow your mind is how this halo of product completely grabs your hair and builds in volume and texture that looks and feels completely natural. Go ahead and run your fingers through it - not an ounce of icky stickiness anywhere. Whether you're looking for a way to skip a shampoo here and there or you simply want a look to dazzle the crowd, it simple doesn't get better than this.

Oh wait, yes it does.
Want to go big or go home? The luscious Maximista Thickening Spray gives you insane volume - but not the scary Phyllis Diller kind, more like of the Carolyn Murphy variety. I have a ton of hair, so I am often scared of using volumizing products, but this stellar scented spray made my hair sleek and so professional looking, I am a complete convert. My hair is sexy and not weighed down in the least. And again, it smells like a dream.

Shop Oribe now and feel and look like a rich woman. 

Stephanie Dickison

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