Loose Button's Advent Calendar - The Lead Up to Christmas is So Pretty & Fun Now

I wrote about the brilliance that is Loose Button Media's Luxe Box earlier this year. And now it just went and got a whole lot better.

Loose Button's Luxe Advent Calendar is a bevvy of swoon-inducing beauty products, encased in a huuuge box that comes wrapped and with a card. Upon opening your package, you'll disover little doors marked 1 through 24 on them. Every day you open a door and gasp! - a wonderful product from the heavy hitters - Shu Uemura, Giorgio Armani, Yves St Laurent and Lancôme - is revealed. I actually squealed with delight each day I opened a door. Don't laugh - I bet you do the exact same thing.

This limited edition box is so much better than a chocolate advent calendar:

- It's like having 4 of your own personal beauty counters right at home
- There's everything from perfumes to skincare products to luxurious makeup  so your whole beauty routine for the next month - or three - is about to change. For the sooo much better.
- The quality of the products is unbelievable - just watch: you'll be sweeping your usual drugstore picks into the trashbin (yeah, these kind of ruin you for other stuff, but to me, that's a good thing - you should feel wonderful about the products you use and in return, they should make you feel wonderful)
- These aren't just teeny little samples with just a few spritzes of perfume or only one try at a cream or lotion. Oh no, these are pretty ample sizes that allow you to really get to know them and fall for them. And of course, once they do run out, you've got another 20 or so to move onto...

Yves St Laurent isn't a line I've tried very often, so this was a wonderful opportunity to delve right into it. The Youth Liberator Eye Cream and Serum were insanely dreamy and so beautifully scented, I caught myself smiling every time I applied them. I fell deeply for Belle D'Opium, which is a much lighter scent than I'd thought and quite sexy to boot. Opium immediately felt familiar, though I'd never worn it before, probably because it's such a classic scent. Ooh, I absolutely love it. Funny, it's not my usual scent profile, but man is it nice to change things up. How did Loose Button know that I wear black eye liner pretty much every day and have since I was 15? And this one is waterproof, perfect for those cold, harsh mornings where my eyes squint and run against the wind. I don't think you can do a better red lip than Rouge Pur Couture. It is all you need before you head out the door to look perfect and polished. Shocking Mascara is indeed shocking - it makes it appear as if you've inserted false lashes between each of yours, as if your eyes are now draped in mink. Take that, drugstore mascara...

I haven't tried much Giorgio Armani in my life either, so how amazing is this? Regenessence Youth Regenerator and Multi-Corrective Rejuvenating Cream are softly scented, but work on your skin like you've been to the spa - you know, professional results. Acqua di Gioia is so lovely and light, I felt 10 years younger every time I applied it. And the bouquet coming off of Armani Prive Eau de Jade is so enticing, I can't quite get over how great I smell and what an unusual, mystical scent it is. It make me feel quite daring actually. Armani Attitude for Men too, is completely enveloping - so soft and yet so unbelievably sexy. I was going to pass it along to my fella, but I might just hold onto it for a little while... Fluid Master Primer gives you the appearance that you've got a model's skin for the day. It's like being Photoshopped to your best self, but it's all completely live.My eyes pop like a freakin' model with Eyes to Kill Mascara. Seriously, my lashes are so long, they're brushing against my glasses.

Shu Uemura  is a new favourite of mine, thanks to his fab hair products. His skincare products here don't disappoint either. Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil gives you a fab canvas to start with every day and the Phyto-Black Lift Youth Degree Remodeling Anti-Wrinkling Concentrate and Radiance Boosting Lotion ensure that you look as radiant as a Hollywood startet. And I'm completely obsessed with the Gloss Unlimited that shimmers and sparkles like freshly fallen snow. It is so gorg, you might just leave all other lip products behind for the next while.

Being able to try various products from Lancôme was extremely exhilarating. And now I can't live without the fabulous Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover that smells of rose petals and long-forgotten dreams. Or Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector that goes to town on my wrinkles and pores and evens out this mug of mine. Applying it with the wand applicator makes me feel like fairy godmother - how amazing is that? Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate saved me from looking as tired as I felt for over a week (lifesaver) and wearing Trésor made me feel so sunny and light, it was like buying a sunlamp. Uplifting doesn't seem a big enough a word. Hynose Doll Lashes give me that just-stepped-off-the-runway look and Rouge in Fleur de Lis is the perfect soft rose shade that you've always hoped for, but has eluded you until now.
Look, buying the full sizes of all these things isn't a reality for me, but being able to try these brands for weeks, is like winning the beauty lottery. And really, it just doesn't get much better than draping yourself in Shu Uemura, Giorgio Armani, Yves St Laurent and Lancôme every day.

Sign up to Loose Button now. It's the best feeling in the world for a price you can actually afford.

p.s. These products not only take up less space on your bathroom counter, they are perfect sized travel companions too.

Stephanie Dickison

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