Must-Have Wall Calendars for Your Cubicle Or Home Office

Wall calendars are as revealing as your wallet or bedside table. They tell the world where your interests lie, what your general style is and how mundane or edgy you are.

I went ahead and selected 3 that I think stand out from the crowd from the wonderful Sourcebooks:

Big black and white photos of everyone from Sylvia Plath to Hemingway are sure to inspire wannabe writers and authors. A little bit of background and a couple of quotes of each author are also included. The calendar even marks banned books. This is a great gift for the upcoming holidays. I already know about 8 people that are getting this one for Christmas.

I guess it depends on the type of office you work in, but I highly recommend this one for those of you who want a little eye candy in their workspace (less calories than actual candy too). And really, who doesn't? Most offices have an aura of boredom in them, but I think I've just found the antidote. And my new boyfriend. Okay, just the antidote...

Sometimes though, hot guys are not the answer. Sometimes, you just need a little tranquility and some helpful reminders to bask in the small, joyous moments of life. Through Sandy Gingras' watercolour images of the beach and peaceful phrases, you'll be able to keep it together whether your office is in a multimillion dollar corporation or in the kitchen amongst the happy chaos of young children. 

p.s. This one starts in September, so you can use it right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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