Monbento - Your Lunch Just Got Seriously Upgraded.

Do you remember that scene from The Breakfast Club where Molly Ringwald brings out her bento box of sushi? No, of course not, you're too young. But when she brought out that box out onto the bag, I knew that right then and there, that's how I wanted to eat lunch when I grew up. 

And thanks to Monbento, they've made my dream come true.

See, eating out and on the run has rarely been elegant. But former physiotherapist Emilie Creuzieux has brought the ingenious and exquisite bento box design together with the portability and efficiency of today's travel food containers and transformed our meals on the go forever.

Bento is a Japanese term referring to a meal in a container eaten outside the home, and Monbento has created a fantastic line of ultra-stylish bentos, so go ahead and toss those grocery store plastic containers that stain and smell. You won't be needing them anymore, because now you've got Monbento. And when your simple leftovers look this swish, there's no point in going back. In fact, I recommend getting Monbento for you, the kids, neighbours, friends, colleagues.... I'm telling you, there is much to love about these gorgeous vessels:

- First of all, of course, they are freakin' gorgeous (they're designed in France, no wonder) and come in what seems like a gazillion colours (I got the MB Original Bento pictured above). Rounded corners, a smooth and sexy surface, dividers, multiple containers all held together with a soft, thick and wide elastic, make for a way more fun experience and because they're microwave and dishwasher safe, they fit in with your frenetic lifestyle.

- Secondly, the best thing is your packed lunch goes from tired and boring to sumptuous and intoxicating. You suddenly enjoy the ceremony of unfurling the contents. It's incredibly gracious and humbling to see what a difference beautiful packaging to you and your day.

I am so grateful to Monbento for making my dream come true. I will forever look forward to bringing my lunch with me, thanks to them.

Stephanie Dickison

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