LaCoupe's Argan Oil Collection - Even Your Hairdresser Will Be Amazed

When your hairdresser tells you your hair doesn't feel damaged, that really says something about the shampoo and conditioner you're using.

One of my favourite hair care companies, La Coupe, (I tried - and then fell for - their stuff back in 2007 and 2008) has just released NEW Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. And ever since I've been using it, my hair has been so incredibly lustrous, soft and dare I say it - lust-worthy.

These paraben-free beauties
have even transformed my Mom's rough brillo-y hair, so it's not just that it works for me (Mom and I have very different hair and often what works on me doesn't work on her). Her hair too is soft, shiny and supple. We both can't believe what a complete transformation it made on our hair.

If you haven't already heard of argan oil, you'll start to notice it landing on beauty shelves everywhere. It's from the Moroccan argan tree and instantly hydrates your locks, actually penetrating the hair's pores, so it's not only more beautiful looking, it's more manageable. The shampoo also uses vitamin E and the conditioner blends the oil with vitamin E, hydrolyzed wheat protein, silk amino acids and shea butter, so you'll notice your hair is not just more lush, it also doesn't tangle or frizz like it use to.

My hair usually feels like dried seaweed. I had been using LaCoupe's Argan Oil Collection and went to see my favourite hairdresser - Paul Perez from L.A. (don't worry: I'm going to have a whoel separate post about that - he remarked on how soft my hair felt. Not only did it completely change the structure, look and health of my hair, it's the same price - or less - than what you're probably already using.

Yeah, you should get some. Like right now.

LaCoupe’s Argan Oil Collection is available at retail outlets across Canada including Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu and Loblaw.

Stephanie Dickison

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