The Little Grape That Could... Wine That Makes a Difference

I love wine. Not all wine (I am discerning), but enough that I have been deemed a lush on more than one occasion...

So how wonderful to discover a new non-profit wine company, The Little Grape That Could..., that donates ALL PROFITS from each sale to the charity of the purchaser's choice. All that and it's only $11.95 and it's available at the LCBO right now.

There are 2 wines available at the moment - Torront├ęs and Cabernet Sauvignon. I almost never drink white, so the cab would be my go to choice, but I was intrigued to see if I'd like the Torront├ęs. After all, it's an Argentinian wine, so I was optomistic.

Right from the first sip, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't oaky or sweet - two things I don't like about white wine. Instead, I was met with a fresh, crisp taste with floral and citrus notes. This is what I call a good drinking wine, meaning that it goes with a lot and is easy on the palate. That is not to say it's not complex or lacks depth, just that it's a superb wine that doesn't take over. 

So of course now I can't wait to try the red (heading to the LCBO as soon as I post this).

After you purchase the wine, you go  choose a charity page and input the code on the back of your bottle and select the charity which will receive the donation. But it gets better - with every bottle, you get to toast someone, a real person. How cool is that? It started because Founder Brett Preston's father passed away while The Little Grape That Could... was being created and it became a way to not only honour his memory but others too. 

Which is why, if you can't find it near you, get on the horn and order it up (or down) to where you live. Because how often do you find such a great wine with a such heart?

Stephanie Dickison

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