Shakti Activewear - The Most Comfortable, Flattering Yoga Clothes for Men & Women

Okay, first thing's first - I don't do yoga or work out. I used to, but not in a long, long time.

I do however, go for insanely long walks (sometimes up to 8 hours) and cover crazy long distances (Monday, I walked 3.62 miles with my Mom). I also spend a lot of time running errands like hauling huge coffee table books and cookbooks back and forth to the library and trucking cartloads of groceries to the house every day. So being able to move and be comfortable bending and stretching and crouching is just as require for me as it is for someone doing ashtanga. It's just that my body is a little less, ahem, lithe, than yoga goers...

Coming across Shakti Activewear recently, I thought, this could be just what I need.
The problem with a lot of mainstream yoga gear is that I am curvy and all that clingy fabric can be quite unflattering. Or it doesn't fit (I've got a small waist, big bum and long legs which makes buying any pants a freakin' nightmare, and which is why I'm still wearing pants I bought 10 years ago). Now I'm not blaming yoga clothing manufacturers for my weird misshapen body, I'm just sharing my experience. And while I find many yoga outfits cute, rarely are they sexy.

So when I slipped on their Ballerina Capri Pants in stunning Badshot Grey (pictured above) and looked down at my suddenly slender-ish thighs, I immediately wanted all of my clothing to be Shakti Activewear. Uber soft, like the inside of a dog's ear, and incredibly stretchy without pulling, they are really the ultimate pair of pants. And the colour - alluring and subtlely sexy at the same time. Ooh, I could get used to this.

And it's not just Shakti's pants. I got this amazing Tank Top that has a built in bra-top and again, the most comfy, stretchable, soft fabric. And while it didn't give me ripped abs (only a celebrity trainer could do that), it did pull in my sides and tummy enough that I felt fitter immediately. How is that possible, you ask?

Well, Owner Ana Bugarim Santos has created an amazing clothing line using incredibly high quality lycra and airfit microfiber, so not only do you feel as comfortable as if you're out in your pjs, your skin breathes and any moisture is wicked away, cooling you as your body temperature rises. She started off designing swimsuits, so this woman knows how to keep you feeling good while moving and flatter the body at the same time, so you look damn fabulous too.

It's not often that I put on clothing and don't want to take it off. It's even more rare to want to outfit my closet in just one designer. Shakti Activewear fits the bill for both.
Shop Shakti Activewear now and move with grace and ease and look better than you ever have in workout gear.

p.s. Don't forget - they make stuff for men too.

Stephanie Dickison

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