RainRap Rain Coats - Cute Capes That Keep You Dry. And Tres Chic.

When it rains here, it's pretty torrential.

So the need for rain gear is pretty essential these days. But have you seen the coats out there? Either they're incredibly bulky or heavy or it 's all manly and resembles something from The Perfect Storm (now if it resembled George Clooney or Mark Wahlberg, I could live with that...).

 RainRaps are the perfect solution as they're incredibly lightweight, come in a travel-friendly pouch (so go ahead - take 'em anywhere from the downtown core to the highest mountain top), are reversible, come in 8 styles (each coat comes in 2 colours), are secured in an instant by a piece of Velcro at the neckline (making it a must-have-item for moms on the go and those of us who rush from a cab to a meeting to a dinner to a flight outta town) and go with anything from jeans and tees the LBDs.

But I guess most importantly, it's waterproof (read: keeps you dry). While making you look like a lady, I might add.

You can wear it a bunch of ways, which I really appreciate, as I almost always want to cater my coat to my outfit. It's also reasonably priced (and remember - you're getting 2 coats in 1 because it's reversible in 2 colours), so that you can also get yourself some cute rainboots while you're at it.

Started by 2 best friends
, the collection began with the Original Pink + Orange RainRap, which is the one I tried out with great success in a recent storm - I love how the fabric feels - it's so light, you'll never feel like you're wearing a coat and the fabric is wonderfully soft and non-sticky nor gummy like my raincoats in the past . Now, the collection includes hoods and a matching travel pouch with their coats, so you're really covered.

And nothing says you have to wait for the run to come to wear your RainRap - go ahead and use it as another light jacket in your wardrobe. Because it's got the 2 colours, something tells me it's a little more fun than your current spring/fall coat.

Shop RainRaps now and be ready for anything. With that stylish flair that you're known for.

Stephanie Dickison

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