Posy Paper Co. Academic Planners - No Classes Required to Use These Beauties

Sometimes there is someone that just gets you right away.

That someone for me is Posy Paper Co, based in Vancouver.

Friends Lisa Brine and Carolyn Braun created this eco-friendly stationery line that is not only printed on paper that is 100% post-consumer recycled, processed chlorine free and made with wind generated electricity, but are damn beautiful products - cards and journals that you buy to give, but hold onto instead because you can't bear to part with them.

Finding a planner that gives you the room you need to write, but is pretty enough to keep out on your desk or stash in your bag to plan on the go, is tough. Trying to get those things AND made out of recycled paper is next to impossible.

But thanks to Posy Paper Co., their Academic Planners are the perfect blend of delightful design and practicality, so you can plan your week with ease, instead of wincing at the gross design of your office supply agenda.

And whether you're heading back to school in September or not (just a month away now), you'll appreciate these academic year planners that run August 2012-August 2013, which means that you can start using them right now.

You get both monthly and weekly views, so whether you're the type to focus on the here and now or you prefer to look ahead, you'll be covered. There are also 2 sizes available - pocket planner (4.125" x 5.5") and large planner (6" x 9") so you can cater it to your needs. And deskspace availability....

The wire coil binding means that it lays flats wherever you are (because let's face it, you're not always in the serenity and calm of a  uncluttered office) and the sturdy matte laminated covers stand up to your endlessly juggling and bumping about throughout the day.

There are 3 designs to choose from (sorry, but it's going to be tough near impossible to choose just one):

- If the arrival of September is difficult for you (darker days, cooler nights), may I suggest the eternally cheery Yellow Bird Planner? It's hard to stay glum when such a lovely print is in front of you.

- The sheer elegance of Spring Flowers is suitable whether you're planning your next board meeting or trying to figure out when you and your girlfriends can get together for a randy night out on the town...

- Tea Time features a teetering pile of delicate tea cups and a lone bird that is both whimsical and surprisingly comforting. If you require a lot of soothing, this is the one for you.

Posy Paper Co., thank you for making the most charming places to keep track of our lives.

Stephanie Dickison

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