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If you've never been to Murale, you've simply got to go. And if you can't get there in person, don't worry - you can still shop online (If you can get to the Toronto shop (pictured above), do. I had a wonderful facial featuring Skin Authority products (available exclusively at Murale) that I can highly recommend (my skin was completely renewed - so soft, so glowing!).

What I love about Murale is that they offer lines and brands that I lust after but can be hard to get your hands on. And then they go one step further and introduce me to products that I've never heard of before.

Dr. Roebuck's is also available exclusively at Murale, and thank GOD because I have fallen hard for this incredible line from Australia. Even though I should have moved onto testing other face creams, I couldn't put Dr. Robuck's Face down. A refreshing thin creme that wafts lavender over you is incredibly luscious (hello rosehip, vitamin E oil and macadamia oils). And the results? Insane. I may not look quite like I'm 25 again, but I do look significantly younger, I swear it.

And they've also got the lines that you crave - I discovered Eve Lom years ago and have wanted it ever since. Lucky for us, Murale stocks it (in fact, it's exclusively available here), including her  fascinating cleanser that comes with a muslin cloth and does everything from improving circulation to toning your skin. They also carry lots of other lust-worthy lines such as Anna Sui, Body Bling, Bvlgari, GlamGlow, Japonesque, NARS, Ojon, Patyka, Tweezerman.

Murale offers much more than just fabulous skincare items - they've got your favourite fragrances, beauty products for our fellas, makeup and accessories: I got a fabulous new Deborah Lippmann shade for fall (Fashion) that will go with everything from tweeds to jeans, to serious board meetings to drinks with the girls. They have other great shades available, of course, so you'll want to go and stock up for fall...

I was also thrilled to try the T3 Source Showerhead (also available in Handheld and Inline  versions), which you simply screw into your existing shower pipe. I know the power of T3 products from having reviewed a T3 flat iron (and I still use it practically every day). What I didn't know was that this amazing tool is a certified filtration system that removes up to 95% of chlorine from your shower water. What this means is that your hair and skin becomes healthier, shinier, fuller and your hair colour lasts longer. And for those of you who fight mean hair frizz in this humidity like I do, you'll be pleased to discover that clinical tests show a 64% reduction in frizz after only 10 rinses

And while features such as anti-scaling and chlorine filtering are much appreciated, I have to admit I'm a little more shallow than that - I love that it has 8 wicked settings to choose from (Starting the day off with a massage in the shower? Yes, please.) and the amazing black chrome finish with brass swivel ball finished in a lavender gem - sooo pretty.

As you can see, I've got a crush on Murale, big time. It's no wonder. They've got it all.

So shop Murale now - and be ready no matter what the occasion. Or season.

p.s. Last year, I got red carpet ready thanks to Murale, and I'll be doing it again this September so watch for my post. I'll also be meeting up with the best hairdresser E-V-E-R, the amazing Paul Perez at Sally Hershberger in LA (yes, he's wickedly handsome as well as talented), so stay tuned.

Stephanie Dickison

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