Kissing Elixirs - Fresh Breath Without Having to Suck On a Mint

 As a restaurant reviewer and food writer, I am often ingesting a whole lotta offal stuff. You know - heart, kidneys, lungs and sometimes even testicles. On other occasions, it can mean I'm chowing down on a lot of stinky ingredients such as garlic, stinky tofu, fish sauce, brussel sprouts, cooked cabbage, chicken livers, raw meat and fish, and well, you get the idea...

In order to still have friends and a fella, I keep my Kissing Elixirs in my purse at all times. That way, I can eat away and not have to worry about everyone having to abandon my post-meal.

There's a lot to love about Kissing Elixirs:

1. I looove the packaging. It's pretty, portable and reminds me of vintage Clinique & Estée Lauder cosmetics.

2. Sometimes after a meal, the last thing you want to do is suck on a mint for 5 minutes. With just 1-2 sprays (shake it first), you're all freshened up and ready to go. Ahh, that's more like it.

3. Speaking of it being a spray, you should know - the spray is quite delicate, and not all firehose-y, high pressured at the back of your throat like the others. It's most enjoyable to use.

4. I like that it uses natural ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, peppermint leaf and spearmint essential oils, chlorophyll and vanilla and cinnamon natural flavours. The last thing you want after a foie gras laden dinner is another couple of teaspoons of sugar or sweeteners in your breath freshener.

5. The vanilla mint flavour works to freshen your breath but isn't accompanied by that harsh sting you get from some of the strong mint gums and mouthwashes on the market. It's not that blow-your-head-off glass cleaner mint that companies are so fond of. Nope, just a hint of mint with a slight vanilla finish. Simply delightful.

So whether you've got a hot date, want to freshen your mouth after going to a movie or you've just had a whole whack of garlic bread, Kissing Elixirs will help to keep 'em close.

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Stephanie Dickison

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