Jamie James Collection Cellfolios - Keep it Together. Truly.

The way you dress up your cellphone says a lot about you:

- If you're still wearing a black clip-on pouch, you obviously are more about function than fashion
- If you're using the case it came in, you're not all about the latest trends
- If you don't even use a case, you're a serious minimalist that probably only uses your phone in emergencies
I, however, like to accessorize and personalize everything I can - from my desk where I work every day to my notebooks (labels, stickers, colourful pens - whatever it takes) and of course my cell phone.

I have a big Samsung phone that despite its popularity, still has little to no accessories available for it, so I've had a hard plastic white case on it, which I like well enough, but it is a bit of a bore. But really, it's been so hard to find anything for my phone, that I guess at some point, I conceded that I'd be living with my white backing for the next while.

Then I discovered the Jamie James Collection, with the claim that their "stylish leather cellfolios fit every cell phone." Well sure, I thought. Every phone, but mine.

Boy was I wrong.

The Jamie James Collection is not only true to its word, it offers a variety of styles and colours for my lovely phone (Check to see if it'll fit your phone).

Jamie James, the woman behind the name, realized how many things we need to carry around with us and why struggle with a bunch of wallets and cases when you can have it all in one sleek leather cellfolio? Using strong velcro to adhere your phone to your case, you know have your phone, cards, ID, cash and keys all in one handy place. One incredibly stylish place.
I like that you can keep everything together - your phone is accessible, there's a detachable strap for your keys, an ID window that allows you to swipe or show it in a flash, no interference in getting your your plug or headphone jacks, and there are 3 pockets for cards, meaning that you can leave your purse at home (especially if you get the Uptown style). The leather exterior and joyful patterend prints are a fun way to flaunt your chic style.

And should you need to change or upgrade your phone, don't worry - your case comes with 2 pieces of velcro, so that you can attach your new phone with ease. Nice touch, don't you think?

Oh, JJC, where have you been all of my life?
The names of the styles are as lovely as the patterns themselves: Hamptons, Madison, Manhattan, Princeton, Rye and Uptown.       
I've got a gorgeous Rye White Caymen (pictured above) that keeps with my love of clean, white accessories yet gives a lot of visual interest with its alligator-like exterior and teal and peach polka-dot pockets. Ooh, it's incredibly fun. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

The Princeton Orange is as equally charming and gives me the excuse to add a bit of colour to my usual bland palette of both wardrobe and bags (black, black and black).

And just think - not only will this help you everyday as you juggle your usual gazillion things, it will allow you to always find your hotel room key card - can I get a lifesaving organizational device from the crowd?

Oh and 5% of all profits goes  to the Smile Train, an international charity that provides cleft palate surgery to those in need and 100% of all donations go directly to the surgery for the young children.

So what are you waiting for? Shop Jamie James now and get a phone case that's not only worthy of you and your great style, it actually helps keep your life together and on track!

Stephanie Dickison

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