Wave Vodka Will Change Your Mind About Flavoured Vodkas

My fella set up a little home bar a few years ago and we've really come to love Prohibition cocktails made with bitters and the whole ritual of making - and having - cocktails at home.

So flavoured vodkas never made their way into our collection. And to tell you the truth, I was a little skeptical - after all, snacks and other drinks like sodas and sparkling waters that are the flavour of something don't always work out.

But I was curious. Very curious.

So I checked out Wave Vodka, which offers an fantastic unflavoured 80 proof vodka (for those of you purists that aren't quite ready to take the leap of faith) as well as 7 incredibly fun flavours:

- Grape
- Pink Lemonade
- Blue Raspberry
- Baja 
- Lemon Lime
- Cherry
- Whipped Cream

What surprised me about these 60 proof flavoured vodkas is that they aren't as sweet as you might think and they really pack a punch - the grape is grape-y, the cherry is like the cherry-flavoured candies from your youth and the whipped cream is so crazy good, you'll be finding excuses to have a drink at 4:59 p.m. every day. Pink lemonade is quite refreshing and blue raspberry tastes like those freezies that turn your tongue blue!  These drinks are superb on their own (I serve it frozen to bring out the flavours), but go ahead and make up some fun cocktails for the crowd -  Wave includes drink recipes for each flavour, so you'll always something new to try.

It's wonderful to have such a range of flavours to choose from, and really, aren't these just the quintessential ingredient for your summer bash and dinner parties this season? A pitcher of Pink Sangria made with Wave Vodka's Pink Lemonade, and glasses of Straw-Tinis with the wonderfully enchanting Wave Whipped Cream, make any get together a celebration and any night at home, a vacation.

Wave is available in the following sizes - 1.75L, 1L, 750 ml, and 50 ml - but sadly not in Canada [huge thanks Amy at Sazerac, one of New Orleans’ oldest family owned, privately held companies,  to all the trouble she went to, to get it across the border!]. However, Canadians can ask their wine importers and agents to get it into their local restaurants and clubs. Because once you've tried Wave Vodka, you're going to want more of it. A lot more.

Wave changed my mind about flavoured vodka. Perhaps it will change yours too.

If you're in the US, here's where you can get Wave Vodka.

Stephanie Dickison

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